Smart Intersections

Safe and Efficient Roundabouts by Artificial Intelligence and V2X Technology

  • In 2020, State St./Ellsworth Rd roundabout had 69 crashes and 6 injuries and was ranked #14 for the most dangerous intersections in Michigan.

  • This roundabout project focuses on improving the safety and efficiency of roundabouts through artificial intelligence (AI) and V2X technology.

  • An infrastructure-based data monitoring and collection solution is proposed at roundabouts by tracking the trajectories of all road users using advanced sensors (e.g., camera and radar).

  • Both safety and mobility impacts will be analyzed. An Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) application for roundabout will be developed to send warning messages to the drivers.



WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) today awarded a $9.95 million Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) grant to the University of Michigan for the Smart Intersections: Paving the Way for a National CAV Deployment Project. Prof. Henry Liu is the PI for this project.

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