Open Positions

Michigan Traffic Lab is looking for a GSRAs with a 25% or greater with skilled computer programmer who is comfortable with full-stack web technology and programming. Candidate developer is responsible for full-stack website applications development, ensuring the responsiveness of applications, and managing well-functioning databases and applications, among other duties.


  • Develop front-end features

  • Manage cloud-based web services

  • Manage databases

  • Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency

  • Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages.


  • Intermediate programming skill in any language

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, VueJS, NodeJS

  • Experience in HTML, CSS

  • Experience with database

  • Familiarity with cloud computing platform will be plus

  • Familiarity with container technology (docker, Kubernetes) will be plus

  • Sufficient verbal communication skill

  • Problem solving skill

  • Attention to details


During the development, you will get rich experience in full-stack programming, the benefits include, but not restricted to:

  • You will have rich experience in popular industrial full-stack frameworks and products.

  • Working on state-of-art algorithms in autonomous driving industry.

  • Camaraderie within world-class, top-level research group.


Sean Shen,